Security Training & Consultancy

Sharpen Your Team’s Cyber Security Skills for a Secure and Trusted Organisation

Cybercrime is an inevitable threat in today’s business world, and it’s not a question of if but when your organisation will come under attack. Yet many businesses underestimate their most severe security risk. Their people.

The biggest cyber threat for most businesses isn’t a system, network, or application. It’s human error.

Even just one weak link in your team, one lost password, or one accidental security breach can be enough to jeopardise your entire organisation. That’s why cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.

Our cybersecurity training & consultancy services help keep your team’s security training up to date. So everyone can play their part in keeping your organisation safe and protecting your reputation towards customers and partners.

Cyber Security Training Services

Train your entire workforce, and breed a culture of security awareness

Security Awareness Training

Cybercrime is constantly evolving, so it’s essential to keep your team’s skills up to date with security awareness training. That way, you reduce the risk of team members compromising your organisation’s safety by falling victim to sophisticated phishing schemes or ever-evolving malicious attacks

Cyber Security Consulting

From CEO to IT teams and casual support staff, cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why our cybersecurity consulting services cover every industry and every role. Our consulting facilitates the learning of all audiences, regardless of their technical expertise or prior cybersecurity knowledge

Work from Home Security Advisory

Maintaining sound cybersecurity practices is just as important – if not more important – for employees working from home. Our WFH security advisory service educates team members about the cybersecurity risks associated with working from home, and how they can protect your organisation

Benefits of Cyber Security Training

Equip your team with the right training and skills to grow your business safely and effectively

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Save Time and Money

The best cybersecurity strategy is to avoid a damaging and costly breach in the first place. That’s why training your team in cyber awareness is crucial for saving time and money in the long run

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Empower Your People

Employees with the right security training are less likely to make catastrophic decisions like opening a phishing email, disclosing a password, or inadvertently facilitating a malicious attack

Customer trust

Retain Customer Trust

Customers are becoming increasingly security conscious, and want to ensure that their data is in safe hands. That’s why adopting sound security policies will help you gain and retain your customers’ trust