VAPT: Vulnerability Assessment and
Penetration Testing

What is VAPT?

With the ever-evolving tools and tactics employed by cyber criminals, keeping your organisation safe online is a moving target. So it’s crucial to assess and test your cyber security measures on a regular basis.

That’s where Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) comes in.

VAPT comprises a range of cyber security testing services that are designed to identify your systems’ security flaws. So you can address potential weaknesses and avoid falling victim to a devastating cyber-attack.

How VAPT can Protect Your Business from

Depending on your company’s needs, we provide tailored VAPT services at a fair price.

This includes everything from simple vulnerability testing to detect flaws in your system, to full penetration testing where we actively try to exploit these flaws.

By testing your organisation’s security perimeters, we can help you address weaknesses before they can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Our VAPT services are designed to...

  • Discover Loopholes in Your SystemDiscover Loopholes in Your System
  • Find Security VulnerabilitiesFind Security Vulnerabilities in an Application
  • Assess the Business ImpactsAssess the Business Impacts of Successful Attacks
  • Effective Security StrategyImplement an Effective Security Strategy
Pen Testing Services

We offer a range of VAPT services to help you meet your cyber security needs. This includes pen testing your mobile devices, networks, applications, and websites. We also cover phishing, PCI DSS, and client side.

All our penetration tests include professional ethical hacking and a detailed report outlining any system weaknesses and strategies to mitigate them.

Web applications Web Application

Web applications are common business tools and a lucrative target for hackers looking to exploit sensitive business, user, or financial data. Our web application penetration testing services scrutinise your web applications for vulnerabilities that could lead to security breaches or data loss.

Mobile applications Mobile Application

Many companies are embracing mobile applications to manage their internal and external processes via smart phones and tablets. These applications are the source of valuable data and are often targeted by cybercrime. We carry out in-depth security testing of your mobile apps to ensure your company and customer data is kept safe.

Network penetration testing Network Penetration Testing

A secure network infrastructure is vital for your cyber security, so it’s advisable to have your network security assessed on a regular basis. With network pen testing, we investigate your network security by assessing whether it can be breached and helping you address and secure any loopholes.

Wireless penetration testing Wireless Penetration Testing

Modern businesses are embracing wireless networks to access and share data across their organisation. However, wireless networks can also be a system vulnerability if exploited as an entry point by hackers. We conduct pen testing to identify such vulnerabilities and help you remediate any potential weaknesses.

Source code review Source Code Review

Software vulnerabilities usually stem from issues in a program’s source code, leading to loopholes that can be detected and exploited by cybercriminals. But not if our ethical hackers get there first. We assess your software and API source code and conduct software penetration tests to ensure your programs are safe and secure.

Types of Pen Testing

To replicate a range of real-world threats, our ethical hackers can perform three types of pen tests: Black box, grey box, and white box pen testing

Black box testing

Black Box Pen Testing

In black box pen testing assignments, our ethical hackers break into your network with zero background knowledge. This replicates how real cybercriminals would approach your infrastructure and gives you insights into which system vulnerabilities are exploitable from outside your network.

Grey box testing

Grey Box Pen Testing

Grey box pen testing is a blend of the other two approaches, whereby penetration testers are provided minimal information about the target. Grey-box pen testing is about privilege escalation and it assumes that the criminals have already gained access to your internal resources.

White box testing

White Box Pen Testing

The opposite of black box pen testing is white box pen testing. This is where penetration testers have access to documentation, source code, and other information about internal network resources. That way, testers can assess both internal and external vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses.

Our Pen Testing Process

We take your security seriously, and we’re committed to supporting you before, during, and after any VAPT engagement.

  • 1

    Planning & Scoping

    Depending on your needs, we establish the required scope of VAPT and come up with an action plan

  • 2

    Data Collection

    Next, we collect all necessary data and request access to any required documentation

  • 3

    Vulnerability Assessment

    Then we put your systems to the test with fast, efficient, and accurate scanning

    Vulnerability assessment
  • 4
    Penetration testing

    Pen Testing

    After assessing your systems’ vulnerabilities, we conduct pen testing to detect weaknesses

  • 5

    Reporting & Consulting

    Once we have determined the threats to your systems, we document these and explain them to you in clear terms

  • 6
    Risk assessment

    Mitigation & Risk Management

    Then, we put in place a threat mitigation and risk management plan to help you minimise your risk