Protect Yourself Against the Invisible Enemy with Robust IT Security
As a business, your data is your most valuable asset and it’s your responsibility to keep it safe.

Sadly, this data is often the target of malicious cyber-attacks by hackers, viruses, and malware.

These invisible enemies work 24/7 to exploit IT security vulnerabilities, which – if successful – can have devastating consequences for any business.

The loss of critical data, confidential files, and innovative intellectual property can not only cost a company its competitive edge, but also lead to a loss of consumer and partner trust.

As a result, the impacts of a severe cyber-attack can bring a thriving organization to its knees.

Why is IT Cyber Security Crucial for Small Businesses?
Cyber security threats affect all organisations, big and small, across every industry sector.

In fact, small to medium sized businesses are often the most lucrative targets because many are easily breached. That’s why it’s crucial for SMEs to actively mitigate and reduce their cyber security risks.

Our IT security services are designed to help keep your business safe online and protect you against severe cyber security threats.

This includes assessing vulnerabilities, creating incident response plans, ensuring your organisation’s IT security compliance, and providing your team with training and education.

That way, you can grow online safely and with confidence.

Our IT Cyber Security Services

Cyber risks are constantly evolving, and our IT cyber security services are designed to help you keep up

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Detect and mitigate system vulnerabilities before they lead to severe security breaches

Incident Response

Put in place an incident response plan to help you manage and recover from a crisis

IT Security Audit & Compliance

Ensure your company meets security compliance and monitoring requirements to avoid incurring penalties

Security Training & Consultancy

Understand the role of you and your team in keeping your organisation safe from cyber threats


Let us Take Care of Your Cyber Protection

No matter what your cyber security needs are, we can give you peace of mind through robust cyber protection

Prepare your team

We offer consulting and training to help you and your team implement a robust cyber security strategy

Prevent attacks

We can detect and assess your cyber risk through ethical hacking, and help you remove any system vulnerabilities

Protect your assets

If you’ve suffered a cyber security breach, we can help you respond and recover from any incident

Why Choose Us

Because your cyber security is our #1 priority, and we have what it takes to keep you safe…

Best practices

We follow best practices in ethical hacking to detect your systems’ vulnerabilities and reduce your threat from intruders


Cyber risks are constantly changing and evolving, but we have the latest technologies to protect you from the threats of today and tomorrow

Best practices

We are determined to provide SMEs with the same quality of cyber protection as large enterprises, but at a reasonable price

Security icon

Security is like a moving target, but we keep our finger on the pulse to help you deal with and work through frequent changes.

Security Lit offers a team with great competencies

Our team of security experts has a vast range of experience, so we can help you navigate even the most complex threats and risks


We believe in continuous innovation and transformation, which allows us to develop services and solutions for individuals and organisations alike



Contact us now and let’s discuss how we can make your business more secure than ever before.