Free Vulnerability Assessment and Security Testing

FREE Vulnerability Assessment and Security Testing

We at Security Lit understand it is hard to do security when you are small. 

Our purpose is to provide small to medium-sized businesses with affordable cybersecurity services, tailored to their individual needs. So, all businesses – big or small – can operate confidently and securely in cyberspace. 

We Are offering a FREE Vulnerability Test to help small businesses secure their web application. 

During the tests at a prearranged timepoint Security Lit’s expert team will scan your website and/or web applications using a combination of Burp Suite and other open-source testing tools like Nmap, OpenVas, etc. 

The result of the automated vulnerability test is a summary of test results giving a current view of your risk profile. 

Register for a free vulnerability scan before May 31, 2021.

Confirmation of acceptance of the registration is by Security Lit.

Vulnerability Testing Process

Requirement specification

After confirmation, Security Lit will gather information, understand expectations, and discuss the timing of the assessment. An NDA will be signed between both the parties.

Vulnerability testing

Then we put your systems to the test with fast, efficient, and accurate scanning. Once we have determined the threats to your systems, we document these filtering out the false positives and explain them to you in clear terms.

Going the extra mile

We can also help you with strategic steps and coordination of future tasks (if required).

The test is free of charge, the maximum number of applications (web application) per applicant is 1.

For more information, please send your questions to Security Lit Security Experts at

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